Patient Testimonials

If you are still skeptical, read what our patients have to say about our care:

Robert R.

Age: 34

Severe Pain / General Health
Staff Member
"When I came to Canalupo Chiropractic I had severe pain in my upper back. The care I received here has taken away the pain and enabled me to function normally again. Prior to care I used to be susceptible to colds and illnesses. As my care progressed, I found my health also improved. My general health is now very good."

Karianne R.

Age: 17

Sports Injury
Staff Member


"Due to a sports injury a few years ago, I experienced severe low back pain. Dr. Pat has helped relieve the pain tremendously. Dr. Pat also helps me when I am sick. She is a very caring person. I am glad a friend recommended her."

Maureen L.

Age: 68

Migraines / Arm Weakness
Staff Member


"I started coming because of migraine headaches and arm pain/weakness. Adjustments keep my neck and upper back in good shape eliminating my migraine headaches and arm weakness."

Patricia M.

Age: 27

Neck Pain / Mental Health
Staff Member
"The reason I came was severe neck pain, numbness in my arms and legs. Over a period of time chiropractic relieved the pain and now the numbness went away. Today I feel very good. I think it has improved my overall health, my posture, and my mental outlook. I feel less stressed and more relaxed. I know if I have any problems at any time all I have to do is call and I can be seen at any time."

Leila N.

Age: 41

Car Accidents w/ No Medical Relief
Staff Member





"After two car accidents, 13 months on pain medications, and many visits to doctors without results. Finally, I came to Dr. Pat. The adjustments have made the difference in my life both mental and physical. I can make it through the day without constant pain. I highly recommend chiropractic. Oh! What a relief."

Joseph S.

Age: 7


Staff Member
"One day I got sick then my mom told me to go to Cantalupo Chiropractic and I felt better. I like to get my peanuts popped out (adjusted)."